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Gear exemplifies the latest SAP initiative: combining its core business applications with ecommerce; promises to "connect businesses into a larger network of partners and information sources", as quoted by Gunther Tolmkit, senior VP of global marketing at SAP. will also support XML, "the lingua franca of the internet", he said.  Although SAP was late in delivering its products to the Internet, it devoted "huge amounts of resources in developing its products which have excellent market prospects", said Byron Miller, a Giga Information Group analyst in Chicago. 

SAP updates Business Info Warehouse and will include more robust data models or "infocubes", more business performance indicators, more canned queries and "workbooks" (Excel reports which are the product's principal output).  Some analysts say that the product isn't ready to compete with other data warehouse products. "SAP's BIW is mainly a product for R/3 users; the proof of its success is the ability to get non-SAP data into and out of the system", says Joshua Greenbaum, a consultant with Enterprise Applications Consulting.  


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